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Bacup tape's of HP B180L workstion

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Bacup tape's of HP B180L workstion

I have full backup tapes for HP b180L Workstation , and i want restore the full Bacup's tapes of B180Lworkststion to hp B132 workststion; is it possible to do that ? (if yes kindly advise me how)? if no kindly advise me which work station it will be direct replacement.


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Re: Bacup tape's of HP B180L workstion

B180L and B132L are part of the same model series, so they are very much identical (other than CPU performance). However, check the SCSI controller type: the B180L apparently always has an Ultra-Wide SCSI controller and 10/100 Mbps NIC, while B132L may have either Ultra-Wide SCSI + 10/100 NIC (= B132L+ model) or HVD SCSI and 10 Mbps only NIC (= plain B132L).

This may complicate things if the B180L had its system disk on the Ultra-Wide SCSI controller and had no drivers in kernel for any other SCSI controller.


The restoration procedure depends on the program used to create the backup tape(s).


If it is an Ignite-UX backup tape, you'll only need to insert the tape, boot the workstation, interrupt the automatic boot sequence, tell the workstation to boot from tape, and then answer a few simple Ignite-UX prompts (or just press Enter to attempt to restore everything exactly as it was at the time of backup creation).


If the backup is created with some other program, you will need to have at least a minimal installation of HP-UX in the B132, so that you can run the backup program in restore mode. If the backup program is not a standard HP-UX utility like tar or fbackup, you may have to install it first.