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Best way to do tuning in /stand/vmunix after kernel rebuild?

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Best way to do tuning in /stand/vmunix after kernel rebuild?

Hi all,

I'm testing some of the new ONC/NFS patch NFS tuning parameters, such as async_read_avoidance_enabled.

The patch instructions say to use "adb" to insert the changes into the running kernel and the /stand/vmunix file, but warn that the change will be lost when the kernel is rebuilt.

What's the best way to insure that the change is inserted following the kernel build? I assume they can't simply be tacked on to /stand/system or the patch instructions would have mentioned that.

Is there any mechanism by which mk_kernel or the swinstall system can be made to apply the tuning tweaks following a rebuild but before the reboot, or should I just stick it into an rc1.d script?

Thanks for any suggestions.