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Boot Failure R2PCI Init Fail

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Boot Failure R2PCI Init Fail

I have a C3600 that halted last week with a message on the LED FLT 8870: IO Bd, R2PCI Init Fail.

Is this a motherboard failure?


Any help would be great.





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Re: Boot Failure R2PCI Init Fail

I cannot find this exact code in my chassis code table, but IMHO this is an error related to the PCI connection (rope-2-pci ?).

I would try to remoce any PCI card first. But it could really be a bad chip on the board.

Hope this helps!

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Steven Schweda
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Re: Boot Failure R2PCI Init Fail

> [...] message on the LED [...]

   LCD? (There are LEDs on the inside.)

   I know nothing, but a Google search for the message found it in a:
               Service Handbook
       HP VISUALIZE J6000 Workstations
(What did _your_ Web search find?)

   It looks bad to me, but what do I know?

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Re: Boot Failure R2PCI Init Fail


That the issue there are no cards in this box,  Just a video card, which I tried swapping and I tried swapping the power supple and all the ram, and I also placed the hard drive in a different box, which boots fine. The only issue with changing boxes is that the new node id breaks a old software licence file which is based on the Node ID.

Guess I will have see if the vendor can produce a new licence file.