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Re: Boot disk error in syslog

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Bryan D. Quinn
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Boot disk error in syslog

I have a V2600 that has received the following error message two times in syslog. The first time I was doing a make_tape_recovery -A on the system when this happened. The second time I was doing an fbackup of / excluding /usr/sap, /sapmnt and /oracle.

vmunix: LVM: Recovered Path (device 0x1f0260000) to PV 0 in VG 0.
vmunix: LVM: Restored PV 0 to VG 0.

Any ideas? I opened a ticket with HP and they had me run a diskinfo and a dd on the device (c2t6d0). Both came back fine. They have stated that I need to update my diagnostics to A.44.00. I am not sure if they are expecting this to resolve or eliminate the errors.

Anybody else experienced this scenario?

I would be interested to hear the thoughts you might have about my situation.

Patrick Wallek
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Re: Boot disk error in syslog

It appears that the disk may be starting to go bad. I would watch this closely, especially if it repeats when the disk is being used.
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Re: Boot disk error in syslog


The message means I/O to the device had timed out before and it was marked POWERFAILED. But the device was again found to be responding, so it is returned to the VG.

Are you up to date on the SCSI cumulative patches ?

May be HP is right, if you are on a version below A.44.00 then your STM version is probably way too old. Current version is A.53.00.

I would suggest you upgrade the OnlineDiag and also bring the system upto date on the patches (especially on the critical SCSI, LVM and IO related patches).

That would be the first step. If even after that you see these messages in the syslog, then it might be time for the disk replacement.

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Steven E. Protter
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Re: Boot disk error in syslog


Looks to me like a root disk is going bad.

Do an Ignite make_tape_recovery and plan to stop the system, replace the disk and restore it if needed.

Steven E Protter
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Re: Boot disk error in syslog

Didnt you swap that drive not long ago ?
I guess The HASS drives are getting old.....
break the mirror, replace the disk and re-mirror it.

and its good to see you here 2

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Bryan D. Quinn
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Re: Boot disk error in syslog

Hey Tal,

No, that was on the failover V that we replaced the drive a while back. I am going to upgrade STM this morning and then run an Ignite. If I get errors then maybe HP will think it is serious enough to send me a new disk.

Thanks everybody for your responses, you have confirmed what I was afraid of.