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Booting problem


Booting problem

I am using Hp-Unix 9.0, during booting it shows..
Initialising System OK
Starting networking BUSY
starting system Functions FAIL
Starting Auditing OK
what will be the problem & how can I diagnose/resolve it?
As this is a workstation (acting as a appln server for 2 different network)with 3 diskless clients & some other systems.
Pls help
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Booting problem


Does the workstation have a CD-ROM drive? Perhaps try to boot off of OS media.

Most likely this system is so far out of date you will need to fix it yourself and will find getting parts near impossible.

The OS is so far out of support, you have turned to the only place that you can get help.

I suspect hardware failure. See about replacing the system disk and installing the OS anew.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation

Re: Booting problem

Try to boot in single user mode,

Try to isolate defective hardware part by disconnecting I/O devices, one by one and switch on the server.

Also if you can arrange a scsi harddisk, you can dosconnect your existing disks and insert it to check any disk failure/ OS corruption.

It happens in India!!, where we still aupport these outdated hardwares in some organisations. ne ways, Good Luck

Re: Booting problem

>I am using HP-UX 9.0, during booting it shows
>... diskless clients

Whoa! If this was at least 10.x, these would be logged in /etc/rc.log, does it exist?
Regular Advisor

Re: Booting problem

Hi Nitin Mahajan,

you are using the older one system

ok we can resolve it.

Try to boot the system in singale user mode and after that use the fsck command to clear the file system.

the mentioned error will not come and check and /etc/rc.log file where the system is going o show this message.
here we can find out the exact problem where is it located.