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CDE Login Problem !!

Ahmed Saleem

CDE Login Problem !!

Hi All,
I am facing the problem while logging through CDE else system is working fine when i logged in to failsafe mode. It gives me a dialog box to check the enteries in /etc/hosts file or check ur network configuration. When i clicked to OK then it again goes back to login prompt. Kindly, let me know what is the reason behind .... and how can i solve this issue.
Balasubramanian S
Frequent Advisor

Re: CDE Login Problem !!

Hello, can you please send me error log information of $HOME/.dt/errorlog.

Did you try login as root? is the problem seen for all the users on the system?

You can remove everything under $HOME/.dt directory through failsafe session and try login to the CDE session.

-Bala S

Vladimir Fabecic
Honored Contributor

Re: CDE Login Problem !!

Possible reason may be host name in /etc/hosts.
Lets say that your host name is alpha1, your IP address is and your domain is
Entry in hosts file should be: alpha1
Check how you defined host name in /etc/rc.config
In vino veritas, in VMS cluster
Ivan Ferreira
Honored Contributor

Re: CDE Login Problem !!

In the /etc/hosts file you must have an entry that match exactly your host name.



And check that in /etc/hosts you have an entry that match the resulting output.

Also ensure that everybody have read permissions to the /etc/hosts file.
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Super Advisor

Re: CDE Login Problem !!

Hi All,

The entry is the same in the /etc/hosts file as shown by the hostname command. I think there is some issue related to CDE configuration files

Ahmed Saleem