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CUPS on rhel 4


CUPS on rhel 4

Hi All,

Any cups experts here? I have one issue on setting up a spoof print server. Bascially user need to print from Mainframe to my print server, and from my print server, it will send it out to either printer or text-file.

I have set up 2 print nodename in the mainframe, A for portrait and B for landscape.
This 2 print node, will print to text-file. For the portrait (Nodename A), it able to print to text-file.But for landscape (Nodename B), no output being print.

Any idea, it is cups do not really bother whether is landscape or portrait for printing to text file.
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Re: CUPS on rhel 4

On which port the main frame communicates to the print server.Compare with the wokring print server and confirm if the coomunication is OK towards the problamatic one