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Can't swremove Kerberos client from 11.11...

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Can't swremove Kerberos client from 11.11...

Using swremove to remove KRB5CLIENT C. from a 11.11 system, the following message is returned:

"PHCO_24402.C-INC,l=/,r=1.0,a=HP-UX B.11.11_32/64,v=HP,fr=1.0,fa=HP-UX_B.11.11_32/64" cannot be selected. This is a patch fileset and it can not be removed because the patch has been committed.

I select OK and then the system "hangs" indefinately on the Dependency Message Dialog screen.

The process works as expected on 11.23 systems.

What do I need to do to successfully remove the Kerberos client from the 11.11 systems?
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Re: Can't swremove Kerberos client from 11.11...

You or somebody else ran a "cleanup -c N" on your server and the predeccessor patch to PHCO_24402 has been deleted from your server so the PHCO_24402 can not be backed out. I think you need to restore the /var/adm/SW/save directory and try the swremove again. Or force the sw-removal of the KRB5CLIENT alone and leave the PHCO_24402 installed on your server.

Re: Can't swremove Kerberos client from 11.11...

The Message Dialog screen finally returned and I was able to remove the product. Swremove also recommended removing a core NFS patch witch I did not do.

Thanks for the assitance.