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Re: Can we upgrade Command View

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Can we upgrade Command View


We've got a couple of old HP-UX RISC servers running HP-UX 11.11 and Command View SDM 1.06, with and StorageWorks HVS100 disk drawer attached to it.  The cmdvwagt process keeps pegging on of the CPUs every week, and I'd like to upgrade the software to see if we can eliminate the bug.  I see that 10.03 is the current version, and that's an awfully big jump.  On top of that, the description mentions EVA SANs, but not local external storage arrays, and I see no mention of supported OS's/processor architecture.

Does anyone know if 10.3 (or even 9.4) will run on on our old box with that drawer and the RISC processor?

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Re: Can we upgrade Command View

command view was the name of disk array management software.
cv sdm - va7000 arrays
cv eva/p6000 - EVA arrays
cv xp - XP arrays etc.

cv sdm has nothing to do with eva arrays.
cv eva is only available for windows, latest version was 10.3.x
i remember x was patch level 7.

Hope this helps!

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