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Canceling/clearing print jobs

Frequent Advisor

Canceling/clearing print jobs

I need to clear all of the jobs that are going to a specific lp## in HP-UX 11.31. Doing it through SMH is extremely painful and slow. What is the best way to remove them from the CLI?
Jaime Bolanos Rojas.
Honored Contributor

Re: Canceling/clearing print jobs


This might help you in your task:



Work hard when the need comes out.
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Re: Canceling/clearing print jobs

thanks, I'll take a look at it and see if I can understand how to use it.
Dinesh kumar_5
Occasional Visitor

Re: Canceling/clearing print jobs


you can use the following command to acheive this

1. # cancel -a => this will cancel all the print request for that particular printer

2. # disable => this will disable the printer

3. # lpmove => this will move all print request to other printer

you can also refer manpage for all above commands for more options.

Hope these above command will usefull to you

Honored Contributor

Re: Canceling/clearing print jobs

I would split as
"clear all of the jobs" and "reject any more jobs" to a spefic queue

#cancel -e qname
#disable qname
#reject qname