Re: Cant do telnet?

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Cant do telnet?

Hi all ,

Still yesterday i was able to telent into one of my HP server in the network but today users are complaing that they are not able to log into the server.

I'm able to ping the server but am not able to do telnet . I receive the following error.
Connected to topaz1.
Escape character is '^]'.
Local flow control off
Connection closed by foreign host

Unfortunately ssh or rlogin is not enabled for the machine . Also at present i dont have anybody near the server to look into it.

any help would be highly appreciated.

James R. Ferguson
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Re: Cant do telnet?

Hi Siva:

It is possible that you have exhausted your maximum telnet sessions (insufficient telnet device files).

You might see if you can get a few users to log off and let you in. Sometimes, someone will drop off and you can then get it. If you can, 'glance' may help you see if you have exhausted your telnet session resources. See the "tables" report for terminals.


Jason Ray
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Re: Cant do telnet?

Do you have a way that you can get to the console for the machine and log in there? We use the MP for each of our HP-UX boxes that we can telnet too for console access in case of problems.
Jon M Zellhoefer
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Re: Cant do telnet?

I've also seen this type of behavior on systems where the memory has been exhausted - "not enough memory to fork process" .... I would definately try a remote console login via the GSP if that is available.
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Re: Cant do telnet?

I have this caused by three different problems

max telnet sessions used up

memory issues

file system full (usually /tmp, / or /var)

If it is a full file systetm, you can ftp to it and transfer a 0 byte file to replace a large file to free up disk space