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Capacity Planning / Forecasting

yulianto piyut
Valued Contributor

Capacity Planning / Forecasting

hi all,

How to make a report about capacity planning?
for the example, we have report for memory & cpu usage in 3 months, from it, how to make a capacity planning in the next 3 months? is this a formula in Microsoft excel to get this data?
Kapil Jha
Honored Contributor

Re: Capacity Planning / Forecasting

Well i suppose it depends upon a lot of factors, are you going to implement some new applications or any new things going to be added may be data population smting.

If nothing is going to be added or removed then you have to make a graph for better understaing or can analyse the resourse usage..
if u reaching peaks and u facing performance issue at those peaks you should consider to upgrade.

Anyways capacity plannning is not noramally for such a small period.Forecasting is for next 2-3 years considering usage and potential addition in infastructure.

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