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Capture 3rd party FTP/SFTP deletions


Capture 3rd party FTP/SFTP deletions

Is it possible to capture when a user deletes files via a 3rd party FTP program?
Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: Capture 3rd party FTP/SFTP deletions

Define "3rd party FTP program".

Do you mean when some (any) [S]FTP client
program uses [S]FTP to delete a file on your
[S]FTP server system? And what might that
system be?

uname -a
ssh -V

Any unusual FTP server, or the usual one?

FTP and SFTP are very different. Knowing
nothing, I'd guess that the usual FTP server
transfer log (if enabled) might record file
deletions. It should also be possible to
prohibit delete operations in at least a
couple of ways (FTP server configuration,
file permissions/ACLs). I know even less
about SFTP.

Is there some actual problem which you are
trying to solve?

Re: Capture 3rd party FTP/SFTP deletions

Setting up auditing will capture FTP/SFTP logons with third party programs i.e. IPswitch and deletions.

Thanks for assistance.