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Re: Change Default printer setup

Ihab Zaki

Change Default printer setup


How can I change default printer setup in HP-UX without using command line?
For example, I know a printer can wrap eol (End Of Line) and to do this via command line you do:
#lp -d printer -o eolwrap filename..

My problem is there is an application that prints directely to default printer and options cannot be set in the application so is there a way to change an option using lpadmin or SAM or any other utility?

Elmar P. Kolkman
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Re: Change Default printer setup

jetadmin or hpnpadmin are possible commands to do what you want. By modifying the printer.

Another solution might be altering the scripts in /etc/lp/interface or /etc/lp/interface/model.orig to alter the defaults for the printer. For instance, I have not found a way to alter the default paper size in another way, and A4 is the default around here.

Another possible problem might be the wrong driver being used for the printer. It might be you have a different model from the one configured.
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G. Vrijhoeven
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Re: Change Default printer setup


I like to add the:
# lpadmin -d

Makes existing destination dest the new system
default destination. If dest is not supplied,
there is no system default destination. This
option can be used when lpsched(1M) is running.
No other options are allowed with -d.

Check man lpadmin


Ihab Zaki

Re: Change Default printer setup

Thanks for the replies, I think I will have to go and change printer config in /etc/lp/interface/model.orig
as the eolwrap option can be found there and not in jetadmin