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Change disk device names

Dusan Stefanovic
Frequent Advisor

Change disk device names


I have installed to servers with HP-UX 11.31.
We plan to install oracle RAC (ASM without SG).
I make all partitions on SAN but now I have problem.
For example, on first server OCR disk is /dev/disk/disk10 (/dev/rdisk/disk10) and on second server is /dev/dsik/disk13 (dev/rdisk/disk13). I need same device names.
I try to use io_redirect_dsf command but I receive this message:
-n expects a persistent device special file name.
I suppose that i need first to create it, but how ? (insf or mskf). I really need precisely command. Maybe I can make some links ...

Prashanth Waugh
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Change disk device names


Pls check this thread

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Dusan Stefanovic
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Re: Change disk device names

I don't have those situation.
I only have raw diveces (ASM).
Is it ok to just rename /dev/disk and /dev/rdisk files ? I try on test server and don't see any problem.
Any advice ..
Honored Contributor

Re: Change disk device names

You could try first
io_redirect_dsf -d /dev/disk/disk10 -n /dev/disk/disk13
If it's not possible, you could also do it by the ionit procedure, modify the ioninit file
ioinit -f and reboot
A good doc HP-UX Handbook io addressing with the ioinit procedure and the io_redirect_dsf
Hope it helps
sujit kumar singh
Honored Contributor

Re: Change disk device names

hi can have a look at this thread.

That is you can do entire Disk Dev instance renumbering.

OR manually create the dev files using mknod like /dev/disk/disk10 and /dev/rdisk/disk10, refer to the major and minor numbers from the likely disks that is
ll /dev/disk/disk* and
ll /dev/rdisk/disk*

after that use

io_redirect_dsf -d -n
in case you have existinf PDSF as /dev/disk/disk13 on the sys and want to use the /dev/disk/disk10 then
#io_redirect_dsf -d /dev/disk/disk13 -n /dev/disk/disk10