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Changed alt boot patch

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Robb Bailey
Occasional Advisor

Changed alt boot patch

I have mirrored my root drive and have just tested it by interrupting the boot sequence and booting from the alternate path. This spawned some pretty nasty error messages.

I have discovered that the hardware address for the second drive was wrong. I have corrected it using setboot -a with the correct address.

I used docid LVMKBRC00005103 as a guide and notice that the setboot portion is in step 3. As I said above I completed the mirror process, then discovered my error. When I issue setboot now everything lists as expected.

Since I have corrected the address, do I have to redo all of the lvextends, (or do I need to start the entire process over) etc in the rest of the document, or is the order of that step not critical?

Thank you,

Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: Changed alt boot patch

Nope, you don't have to redo anything. The alternate boot path only controls the alternate disk when booting. It has nothing to do with the lvextends or any of the other steps to mirroring your boot disks.