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Clock Daemon Job 22583

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Clock Daemon Job 22583



/usr/sbin/cron(1M) Clock Daemon Job 22583 Cron command of root with pid 22583 failed (rc = 1)

Can anyone let me know what is this error and how to resolve this issue?

 I have checked and found cron daemon is running.


#-> ps -ef | grep -i cron
    root  3139     1  0  Jul 16  ?         1:55 /usr/sbin/cron
    root   391 28273  1 18:25:01 pts/0     0:00 grep -i cron

Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: Clock Daemon Job 22583

cron simply runs jobs. If the job or script returns a non-zero value, cron will log the return code (rc=1 in your case). There's nothing wrong with cron. The job it ran is the failure. Because cron is a batch process, all of your cron jobs should log their steps and results. The most common problem is not establishing the required environment for a cron job. The job may work when you are logged in, but cron does not login for your job -- all the settings you need for the job must be in the job itself.


Since cron only logs PID (process id) for the failure, you'll need to compare the list of jobs from crontab -l and try to match the failure with the actual job.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin

Re: cron errors in /var/adm/cron/log

>Since cron only logs PID (process id) for the failure


cron(1m) logs the time start and end AND the script in /var/adm/cron/log.


This topic has an example:

> CMD: /home/abcd/script/auto_run_db_extract.ksh
> abcd 14909 c Fri Dec 12 19:01:00 CST 2008
< abcd 14909 c Fri Dec 12 19:02:08 CST 2008