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Clone of OS for Linux

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Clone of OS for Linux

Hi ,


Do we have any free toll to take OS backup of Linux which can be restored .

Like clone ?


Just lik hpux has DRD,Ignite image

AIX mksysb

Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: Clone of OS for Linux

There are several tools that can be found via a simple google search:


The best known is probable Clonezilla.

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Re: Clone of OS for Linux

Hi Patrick ,


Clonezilla doesnt support online backup ?

Very strange ? how can it be the best ?

PFA screenshot.

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Re: Clone of OS for Linux


I can suggest (and probably the best out there) is the HP Sponsored tool called MondoRescue - works like a charm for Cloning Systems as well as a very good OS Backup Solution or doign P2V or V2P.


If your servers are SAN connected -- then I would further suggest having your OS/System disk on a SAN LUN so your SAN Array's features can be leveraged... With a SAN-Boot Linux environment -- you can practically address a lot of concerns and issues relating to OS Fall-backability (specially during patching) and even quick backups (snapshots) and clones...




Glad to be Back to ITRC err HP Forums...!


Harley Man...


Hakuna Matata.