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Cluster VG status

Viswanath Buddi
Occasional Contributor

Cluster VG status

If VG status bit is set to 'exclusive' it is cluster aware.

Does it apply same with shared. i.e. If the status is 'shared' can we consider it as cluster aware.

Thanks in advance.
Johnson Punniyalingam
Honored Contributor

Re: Cluster VG status

>>If VG status bit is set to 'exclusive' it is cluster aware.<<<


But some "Shared Volume" can also be exclusive group between to 2 server with out Cluster setup. It depends on Enviroment

Cluster "VG" configured by pkg and running in Cluster for particular node is called "Cluster VG"

cmviewcl --> command to check "pkg" running and nodes

man vgchange ->for more information about exclusive and Cluster aware vg

vgchange -a c y make "VG" to cluster aware

vgchange -a e y -> make "VG" to exclusive

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