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Cluster aware Disks

Viswanath Buddi
Occasional Contributor

Cluster aware Disks

I need to find out the list of disks which are cluster aware on a particular node.
I am using the below mentioned steps to find it out.

1. Execute /usr/sbin/lssf /dev/dsk/* | grep -v ? to get the list of all disks and store in array.
2.Execute /usr/sbin/vgdisplay 2>/dev/null | grep -E 'VG (Name|Status)' to get the list of all VGs name and their status.
3.If status has 'exclusive' bit set then consider the volume group as cluster aware and store the VG in a list.
4. For each disk execute 'pvdisplay disk' to get VG name and compare with the cluster aware VGs we got in step3. If it matches then disk is cluster aware.

Can some tell me whether the above logic is correct?

Thanks is advancee
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Cluster aware Disks

Yes, if a VG is exclusive, it is part of a cluster; disks are listed in this vgdisplay result.

But consider the VG can also be "shared".

Hope this helps!

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Viswanath Buddi
Occasional Contributor

Re: Cluster aware Disks

Hi Torsten,
Thanks for the info, but one more clarification . Does it mean that VG is cluster aware if status bit is set to 'shared'?
So I need to mark VG as cluster aware if the status is either 'shared' or 'exclusive' right.