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Command "/usr/sbin/mk_kernel" error

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Command "/usr/sbin/mk_kernel" error

Hi Admins,

OS: HPUX 11.23
Patch: FEATURE11i_B.11.23.0909.080.depot

I was installing the patch ‘FEATURE11i_B.11.23.0909.080.depot’, during the preview mode there was no errors shown. But while installing I am getting the below error.
* Installing fileset "PHKL_36751.CORE2-KRN,r=1.0" (1 of 22)
* Building a new kernel for configuration 'import.config'...
ld: Unsatisfied symbol "CPUThreadControl" in file /usr/conf/lib/libsvc-pd
ld: Unsatisfied protected symbol "sw_callback" in file "/usr/conf/lib/lib
ld: Unsatisfied protected symbol "sw_callback" in file "/usr/conf/lib/lib
3 errors.
ERROR: The kernel build did not succeed: ld: exit 1
The arguments that were supplied to the linker are the linker
ERROR: The command "/usr/sbin/mk_kernel", which is used to rebuild
the kernel, has failed. Because kernel-related filesets were
installed, this command must be executed by "swinstall",
without failures, before the load can continue. Check the
above output for details about the failure.

Can any one help me?

Thanks in advance.

Michael Steele_2
Honored Contributor

Re: Command "/usr/sbin/mk_kernel" error


a) did you get all the dependencies?

b) swverify / check_patches / cleanup the box
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Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: Command "/usr/sbin/mk_kernel" error

Patch PHKL_36751 depends on PHCO_38717, PHKL_31500 and PHKL_36244.

It appears that the FEATURE11i_B.11.23.0909.080.depot is missing the PHCO_38717 patch, which is probably causing your error.

The list of patches included in the FEATURE11i bundle is here:|releaseIndexPage|releasePage{0912-11.23}|&bundleId=FEATURE11i:B.11.23.0909.080

I would do 1 of the following:

1) Contact HP about this and get them to fix the bundle

2) Install the ENTIRE support pack for 11.23 which includes BUNDLE11i(B.11.23.0409.3), HWEnable11i(B.11.23.0712.070), FEATURE11i(B.11.23.0909.080), and QPK1123(B.11.23.0912.082). The PHCO_38717 appears to be included in the QPK1123 bundle.

3) Download PHCO_38717 and create a custom FEATURE11i bundle that includes that patch.{hpux:11.23,}&BC=main|search|