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Re: Common question

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Common question

Hi All,


      I need answer to a common question in interviews.

What you will do when server performance is slow.How to check processes.

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Re: Common question

Performance problems are a result of a resource shortage.  There are four basic resources:  cpu, memory, i/o, and network.  Each has their own metrics, but the easiest way to check all of them is to use glance.  If glance is not available then you need to delve into top, vmstat, sar, and landiag, at the very least.

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Re: Common question

Once you find out which is the resource bottleneck you can do several things:

1) Throw more resources at the problem.

2) Migrate applications to another machine, a subset of 1).

3) Tune the system.

4) Recode the application for better performance.

5) Stop/postpone running the application.