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Configuring SAN disk with PV-Link

Darius Shafie
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Configuring SAN disk with PV-Link

Can someone direct me to a document that illustrates how to configure a multipath SAN disk with PV-Links in HPUX 11.31?

With the HPUX 11.11 I would simply use vgextend to add the second pv to the VG and an alternate link would be made.

But in 11.31 that is not the case, and I cannot find documentation that spells out how to configure that alterante path to a VG.

James R. Ferguson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Configuring SAN disk with PV-Link

Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Configuring SAN disk with PV-Link

Just use the "new style" agile device file, e.g. /dev/disk/disk7 and multipathing will be done. You can adjust it with scsimgr.

Hope this helps!

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Roland Piette
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Re: Configuring SAN disk with PV-Link


When you execute ioscan -fnNC disk the alternate path's are automatically detect and the special files are cretated as wel. New special files are located under /dev/[r]disk directories. You can use the new options in ioscan to see the link between them. Option -m is usefull for that. See man page.

The sequence to add device(s) is now :

pvcreate /dev/rdisk/disknnn
vgextend vgname /dev/disk/disknnn [/dev/disk/diskxxx]

The IO subsystem is changed in the new version of HP-UX 11.31 and it is more powerfull.

Look also at man page of scsimgr.

Kapil Jha
Honored Contributor

Re: Configuring SAN disk with PV-Link

Nothing new you gonna do...
use -m dsf option with ioscan will tell you which disk is has which agile name.

And just add the disk in vg not need to vg extend other paths....

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