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Configuring a Red Hat Directory Server

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Configuring a Red Hat Directory Server

G'day all.

We just want to setup a single LDAP Server. Our intention is to synchronize users from a Novell eDirectory server to our LDAP server. We would in turn have control of what group these users would have in our ldap server...

I'm just starting here with the RHDirSrv documentation and got stuck where it says to run the setup-ds script...


I'm just not sure what an "Administration Server / Configuration Directory Server" are... As long as we can manage our LDAP server easily, through some gui allowing us to manage users / groups... that's all I care about for now :)

Thanks so much for clarifying this for me.


Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Configuring a Red Hat Directory Server


"Administration Server / Configuration Directory Server"

LDAP servers provide user authentication and administration. That is the meaning of these terms.

It's called a directory server, because it can control what the windows folks will call a domain.

All modern LDAP servers ship with a gui that is fairly easy to use, at least for the basics like managing users and groups.

LDAP servers are fairly intensive, and need a lot of resources.


Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
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Re: Configuring a Red Hat Directory Server

I totally get that. However, I'm still not sure what setup script to run... from the link I've pasted... it gives you 2 choices...

Shinji Teragaito_1
Respected Contributor

Re: Configuring a Red Hat Directory Server


RHDS 8.0 Admin Guide says:

The Administration Server is the management agent which administers
Directory Server instances. It communicates with the Directory Server
Console and performs operations on the Directory Server instances. It
also provides a simple HTML interface and online help pages.

Most Directory Server administrative tasks are available through the
Directory Server Console, but it is also possible to administer the
Directory Server by manually editing the configuration files or by
using command-line utilities.

"How to manage the Admin Server using LDAP" says:

The Admin Server uses the Directory Server to store its
configuration. One of the directory server instances has the
o=NetscapeRoot suffix. This instance is also referred to as the
Configuration Directory Server.

If you want to manage Directory Server Instances with the Directory
Server Console GUI, I'd like to recommend you to use If not, you can use to create Directory
Server Instances. The script is a new tool provided in
RHDS 8.0. It can create Standalone Directory Servers which are not
managed with the Directory Server Console GUI.

Hope this helps you !!