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Cost of HP-UX Support Agreement

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Cost of HP-UX Support Agreement

I have emailed a query to HP twice about the cost of a Support Agreement, to enable me to download patches for HP-UX 11i ver 1 (11.11). I have received no replies. Has anyone out there actually obtained such a Support Agreement, and if so how much did it cost? Also, I understand that there is a further charge if you haven't previously had a support agreement ie. a cost to 'buy back in' - does anyone know how much this costs?
Bill Hassell
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Re: Cost of HP-UX Support Agreement

Unless you were mailing to your local HP sales representative, I don't think you'll get a reply. You may have better luck by contacting a local HP reseller in your area. Be sure that the reseller handles HP-UX products -- many handle just the PC and printer products.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
Michael Sillers
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Re: Cost of HP-UX Support Agreement

Our last contact was Sharileen B. Craeford at 1-866-520-4178 ext 7720227. She may be able to help. The price depends on the options but I expect a software contract will be about $4000. It might be a couple of thousand more if you aren't currently under contract.

Good luck.

Re: Cost of HP-UX Support Agreement


From your ITRC ID I see you are UK based.

I'm not directly responsible for this sort of thing, but can probably locate someone who is.

Feel free to drop me an email at



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Re: Cost of HP-UX Support Agreement

Thanks everyone.