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Create new user account

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Create new user account


How to create new user account in my hp ux, and i want to limited that account only can to do command show and sftp & ssh telnet. How i create and configure it ? is it same with IBM Aix too ??

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Re: Create new user account


You can go to SAM to create a new user account

#sam -> Account for users and group -> Users -> Action (add user)

hope this help

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Re: Create new user account

user can be created using the useradd command. You have to specify the user (login) name at the
command line to create a new user. For example, the following command creates a new user trisno and
creates the home directory for the user as /home/trisno. It also copies startup files from the /etc/skel
directory to the home directory.
useradd -m trisno
The -m option is used to create the home directory and copy startup files into this directory.

u can limit the account using sudo utility.

yes,In IBM AIX the commands are same
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Re: Create new user account


You can do a man on "useradd" or just use SAM. As far as sftp just make there shell /bin/false.

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Re: Create new user account

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Can an 1 help me with creating a user account