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DAT drive stuck again

Colin Workman
Occasional Contributor

DAT drive stuck again

We have had numerous problems with a DAT drive not responding after a backup. The device has been replaced several times in the past 6 months and each time we have to stop our system to get this job done. every command such as mt -f /dev/tape/tape_4d1 rewind etc produces and I/O error and tape will not eject.

There must be another way to get at this device and reset it, rather than interupting a 24/7 system!

Any ideas?
Honored Contributor

Re: DAT drive stuck again


i assume this is an internal dat drive on a ds10 or 20 ?
in the first instance an external drive would help , secondly i would replace the dat drive with a much more reliable dlt/sdlt or lto drive depending on device support on the level of tru64 you are on ?