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DL145 hp software support

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DL145 hp software support

I just bought DL145 and DL380. I am testing RedHat on the boxes.

I am wondering what software should I install on the DL145 and also on DL380?

First DL145 - Broadcom Corporation NetXtreme BCM5721 Gigabit
What software should I install for full network capabilities? In What order? Is this sofware realy needed? What advantage is there?
It seems that there is nothing for this network cards.

Can you advise?


Don Vanco - Linux Ninja
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Re: DL145 hp software support

Have you taken a look at the Support & Downloads pages for your servers? You should start there.....

Consider the PSP - Proliant Support Pack - for your OS of choice. All the drivers & utilities you'll need will be in there. Be sure to get the user's manual PDF as well. When you launch the tool in GUI mode you can right-click and set the required options for many of the packages that require it.