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DL380G7 ILO3 vs CIM

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DL380G7 ILO3 vs CIM

how to configure the ilo3 board that the CIM (5.5 exe file ) didnt show the ILO3 Board from the G7 server in red?

the ILO§ Network card is deaktivated, the ilo3 id deaktivated. but in the cim thete is a red ball in froont of the server, if you go to recovery ( its red ) and than to remote insight and ilo ( its red too) on the page there is the EMBEDDED NIC red too.

the os on that serverhardware is sles11sp3 with psp86 installed. maybe its possible to disable any kind linux module or software that is triggerimg the ilo management agent on that os. did anybody what to do now, or can give me a hint. is it possible to disable the linux agent for ilo, and if so, how to do? looks like its more easy to install windows and diesable the managemtn agent for ilo ;-) but on that os ( SLES11SP3 ) it is like an adventure to do it .....