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DRD A.3.9 - Agile Addressing

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DRD A.3.9 - Agile Addressing

The DRD A.3.9 Administrator's Guide indicates that: "Due to system calls DRD depends on, DRD expects legacy Device Special Files to be present and the legacy naming model to be enabled on HP-UX 11i v3 (11.31) servers.  HP recommends only partial migration to persistenet (agile) DSF's be performed."


I "was" going to migrate from the legacy to persistent (agile) addressing before the DRD Installation until I read this.  Everything I've done on my 5 new servers up to this point has been done using the persistent model.


Is there any timeframe, real ro projected, when DRD will be fully compatible to the persistent naming model?

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Re: DRD A.3.9 - Agile Addressing

In my understanding you can do all configuration using the agile addressing, but you must keep the legacy enabled.

Hope this helps!

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