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DRD and vPARs

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DRD and vPARs

Hi All


I recently attempted to apply a suite of standard HP bundles (Sept 2012 standard bundles) to a Virtual Partition running 11.31.  Upon booting from the newly patched clone, the system failed to come up and went into a panic cycle.  I decided to carry out an ordinary boot from the unpatched root disk, and the same result.


Does the DRD procedure differ between vPARs and stand alone servers, as I have used the process on vPARs before successfully (maybe I was just lucky?).


I attach the notes I put together which I have been using.





Frequent Advisor

Re: DRD and vPARs

There is no any difference between the methods.

Are you sure about the disk from which yor are trying to boot at the second attempt is the disk which has been replaced by the Cloned disk which is a normal case.

Or if you find any error while activating the clone disk.