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DRD - cloned the root disk on a SAN LUN but cannot boot from it

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DRD - cloned the root disk on a SAN LUN but cannot boot from it



Using DRD, I cloned the root disk onto a SAN LUN, but cannot boot from it.  Am I missing something?






Searching for potential boot device(s)
This may take several minutes.

To discontinue search, press any key (termination may not be immediate).

   Path#  Device Path (dec)  Device Path (mnem)  Device Type               Rev
   -----  -----------------  ------------------  -----------               ----
   P0     0/0/3/0.0          media.0             Random access media       1
   P1     0/1/1/0.1          intscsia.1          Random access media       3
   P2     0/1/1/1.0          intscsib.0          Random access media       3
   P3     0/2/1/1.0                              Sequential access media   3
   P4     0/4/1/0.0                              Random access media       8
   P5     0/4/2/0.0                              Random access media       8
   P6     0/5/2/0.8                              Random access media       9
   P7     0/5/2/1.8                              Random access media       9

Main Menu: Enter command or menu > bo p4
Interact with IPL (Y, N, or Cancel)?> n

Failed to initialize with ENTRY_INIT Status = -7

     fffffff9 1 0 0
     0 0 0 0
     0 0 0 0
     0 0 0 0
     0 3 9 0
     454e4841 0 0 454e4841
     0 1b 51 20
     3 51 20 3
 .... FAILED.





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Re: DRD - cloned the root disk on a SAN LUN but cannot boot from it

Since it is on SAN, the search of a RISC server cannot find it!


This is a limition of RISC servers. Integrity servers can do this.


You need to use the DRD activate command, it sets the complete boot path to this LUN (by swapping the links between the original and the cloned disk).

Hope this helps!

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