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DRD installation issue on 11.23

Super Advisor

DRD installation issue on 11.23

Hi All 


I am trying to install DRD to a 11.23 running system, but after running the following:

swinstall -s /tmp/fr/DRD_1123_WEB1107.depot it opens up a guy style menu for swinstall, I mark the software, but the Install action under the ACTIONS menu is not there.


I try to use what is in the installation documentation that says that we have add "DynRootDisk" in front of the comand, but I got the following error:

swinstall -s /tmp/fr/DRD_1123_WEB1107.depot DynRootDisk

=======  09/20/11 09:45:34 SAST  BEGIN swinstall SESSION
         (non-interactive) (jobid=mceldev-0215)

       * Session started for user "root@mceldev".

       * Beginning Selection
       * Target connection succeeded for "mceldev:/".
NOTE:    One or more patch filesets were automatically selected or
         deselected to maintain patch integrity. Please refer to the
         swinstall.log logfile for details.
ERROR:   Installation of software requiring a reboot is, by default,
         not allowed from the command line.  You must specify "-x
         autoreboot=true" on the command line to change the default for
         this session.
ERROR:   Cannot continue the "swinstall" task.
       * Selection had errors.


=======  09/20/11 09:45:35 SAST  END swinstall SESSION
         (non-interactive) (jobid=mceldev-0215)



Please can you help?




Pete Randall
Outstanding Contributor

Re: DRD installation issue on 11.23

Try this:


swinstall -x autoreboot=true -s /tmp/fr/DRD_1123_WEB1107.depot DynRootDisk

Super Advisor

Re: DRD installation issue on 11.23

 Hi Pete!


I did managed to get "swinstall -s /tmp/fr/DRD_1123_WEB1107.depot" working and the part that was missing was "choose sofwate to install" them it was easy, and did not ask for a reboot.