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DRD problem

Clifton Bonello
Occasional Contributor

DRD problem

I am stuck with creating DRD image on a SAN disk.

My setup is as follows:

Server is HP Itanium running HPUX v2. I have just installed the latest Quality Pack, the HWEnable Bundle and the Feature11i bundle.

I am trying to do a DRD clone of my vg00 onto a SAN disk and I am trying to boot from this disk. I execute the following command.

1) drd clone -t -- Successful
2) drd activate -- Successful

My problem is that when I run drd activate it says that it is setting the alternate boothpath to the SAN disk, however when I execute command setboot my SAN disk does not show as alternateboot.

Moreover when I reeboot the server there is no mention of the SAN disk in the EFI boot loader.

Any help please?
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: DRD problem


Setting up the alternate boot path is something you do in EFI.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Clifton Bonello
Occasional Contributor

Re: DRD problem

Thanks for your replay. We did it from the EFI and added a boot entry and we are booting from it.

However I am still pondering why the DRD wasn't able to alter the primary boot with the SAN disk. When we did a DRD on another internal disk, the primary boot was altered.

Anyone knows why?
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: DRD problem

The drd-activate command is setting the *primary* path to the new clone.

Check what path settings you have before and after activating (setboot).

Hope this helps!

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