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Data base server Slow performance..(Urgent)

Frequent Advisor

Data base server Slow performance..(Urgent)

Dear All,


I am using HP-UX 11.31.(  2 node cluster ) I am facing slow performance issue on my server. When I used check sar o/p it shows me CPU utilization always very high utilization.


First server :  No of CPU: 8 , 32 GB RAM. Secondary Server : No of CPU 4 , 16 GB RAM. (errors)

Oracle DB vision 11gR2.



the  filecache_Max value 99.9 % utilization and each and every oracle DB process its reserver for 2 GB I am worried about its any kernel parameters issue on my server. I am attaching the kernel my server kernel along with this post.





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Re: Data base server Slow performance..(Urgent)

kcusage -S , ask dba topull out the statspack report , or check for disk contention sar -d 5 5 did you find and write wait , is the top processes using cpu is an oracle internal process or a sql query ?...check and post if problem still persists

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Re: Data base server Slow performance..(Urgent)

I just run into the same problems