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Date & Time

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Vijay Bhatkar
Occasional Contributor

Date & Time

How can I change Date & Time in HP UX 11.11
Santosh P Karpe
Frequent Advisor

Re: Date & Time

Dear Vijay

U can change u r system date & time by date command i.e.

Set the date to Oct 8, 12:45 a.m.

#date 10080045
But remember u should superuser.

santosh Karpe
Vijay Bhatkar
Occasional Contributor

Re: Date & Time

Thanks Santosh,

Will the year field get set automatically?
Liem Nguyen
Honored Contributor

Re: Date & Time

You can view the manpage:

# man date

date [-u] [mmddhhmm[[cc]yy]]

Set the HP-UX system clock to the date and time specified. You require the superuser privilege.

If you include the -u option, the specified date and time
is assumed to be in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

The numeric argument is interpreted left to right in
two-digit pairs as follows:

mm Month number [01-12].
dd Day number in the month [01-31].
hh Hour number (24-hour system) [00-23].
mm Minute number [00-59].
cc Century minus one [19-20].
yy Last two digits of the year number [70-99, 00-
37 (1970-1999, 2000-2037)]. If omitted, the
current year is used.

If you attempt to set the date backwards, date generates
the warning,