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Daylight savings changes

Thomas J. Harrold
Trusted Contributor

Daylight savings changes

I know how to handle changes to daylight savings configuration on HP-UX, but I'm not sure how Tru64 (in particular V4.0G) handles such changes.

Any information would be helpful.

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Ivan Ferreira
Honored Contributor

Re: Daylight savings changes

You have a zone file. The current zone file is referenced by /etc/zoneinfo/localtime.

AFAIK tru64 does not handle very good the DST, I usually have to restart the crond and syslogd daemon.
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Archunan Muthiah
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Re: Daylight savings changes


May it be helpfull.

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Martin Moore

Re: Daylight savings changes

The question as you've phrased it is very open-ended. I suggest reading the man page for zic(8) as a starting point. Then if you need help with anything specific, please post your specific questions.

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