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Debian 5 and HP SIM with DL360 G5

Justin St. Marie
Occasional Visitor

Debian 5 and HP SIM with DL360 G5


I've installed the HP SIM software from the downloadable ISO image listed under the DL360 G5 page.

Installation was successful, and it looks like the CLI can return values. However, the web page comes up blank with the error: "A timeout occured while loading data for the HP System Management Homepage which may result in missing or incomplete information. See the HP System Management Homepage log for additional information."

The log tab gives the same error, and I don't see any any logfiles in /opt other than the running status of the daemons.

Does anyone have any information on how to get this working?
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Debian 5 and HP SIM with DL360 G5


ps -ef | grep httpd (may need to replace httpd with apache)

Lets see if any web servers are even running.

netstat -an can tell you what port applications are listening on.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Justin St. Marie
Occasional Visitor

Re: Debian 5 and HP SIM with DL360 G5

Thanks for the quick response.

netstat shows the port is listening on 2381.

However, it doesn't look like httpd or apache is running. hp-health and hpsmd are both running.

hp-snmp-agents give mixed results...

cmahealthd is running... [ SUCCESS ]

cmastdeqd is running... [ SUCCESS ]

cmahostd is running... [ SUCCESS ]

cmathreshd is running... [ SUCCESS ]

cmasm2d is running... [ SUCCESS ]

cpqriisd is stopped... [ SUCCESS ]

cmarackd is stopped... [ SUCCESS ]

cmapeerd is stopped... [ SUCCESS ]

cmaeventd is stopped... [ SUCCESS ]

cmafcad is stopped... [ SUCCESS ]

cmaidad is stopped... [ SUCCESS ]

cmaided is running... [ SUCCESS ]

cmascsid is running... [ SUCCESS ]

cmanicd is stopped... [ SUCCESS ]