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Device File names

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Device File names


Our cutomer had an rp3440 server running HPUX 11i v1 on 36GB internal disk.
NB : an EVA 5000 is connected to the server through HBA /FC.
In order to increase the size of HPUX logical volumes (root,var,opt,swap,usr,stand,tmp..)
I made an ignite tape and I restored the backup to another disk and i could boot HPUX normally.
I am facing the following problem : the device files names of all vdisks located on EVA and mounted on server were changed as the following: /dev/dsk/c12t*d* to /dev/dsk/c18t*d*.
I want to know the reason and how to fix it.

Thanks and Regards

Sagar Sirdesai
Trusted Contributor

Re: Device File names

Hi Roger,

I cannot mention a reason here.
But I can suggest a fix to this problem
I believe you must have Securepath installed on HP-UX box.

Vgexport all the vg's which have EVA 5000 Luns.
vgexport -s -m /tmp/.map

Then Regreat the Volume groups and vgimport all of them

vgimport -s -m /tmp/.map


Kapil Jha
Honored Contributor

Re: Device File names

there actually nothing went wrong with UNIX, can you please check if Storage team did any activity on there end if they would do sm changes it leads to device file name change.

Solution is specified by Sagar.
It would work.

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sujit kumar singh
Honored Contributor

Re: Device File names


did you ignite restore on to a disk from EVA 3000?

are yiu trying to boot the system using some disk from EVA3000 where you restored the Ignite Image?

what error are you getting while trying to boot and which disk you are using? is that local disk or EVA3000 disk

Regular Advisor

Re: Device File names


Thanks for your concern.

Please not the following :

1- I am using an external SCSI ULTR320 36GB
hard disk ( not EVA Lun)
2- I booted HPUX from old disk : no changes with device file names.
3- I made another Ignite tape from old external disk and restored backup on new external disk : device file names were changed.
4- SecurePath 3.0fsp2patch2 already installed.

sujit kumar singh
Honored Contributor

Re: Device File names


boot the system with the old root disk in which you had original dev files for the disks.

create a map file for all the VGs, say vg01,vg02 etc

vgexport -p -v -s -m /tmp/ /dev/vg01
vgexport -p -v -s -m /tmp/vg02/map /dev/vg02
also make a note of

ll /dev/*/group
note this information.

now ftp these map files like, etc to your desktop.

boot the system using the new disk.
then vgexport
vgexport /dev/vg01
vgexport /dev/vg02

mkdir /dev/vg01 /dev/vg02

mknod /dev/vg01/group c 64 0xNN0000
mknod /dev/vg02/group c 64 0xMM0000

for these do refer to the info in 2) for the minor number information for the group file and try to keep this consistent for the VG as in the earlier Config.

then ftp the map files that had been saved to the desktop doing FTP after step 1). to /tmp directory of the server.

then using these do vgimport.

vgimport -v -s -m /tmp/ /dev/vg01
vgimport -v -s -m /tmp/ /dev/vg02

vgchange -a y vg01
vgchange -a y vg02

vgcfgbackup /dev/vg01
vgcfgbackup /dev/vg02