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Re: Directory sync

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Directory sync

I've a question about real time data sync of 2 directory.

For example:
There're 2 logical volume named A and B.
Assume A include direcotry A1
Assume B include direcotry B1

Does any solution can let data real time sync beetween A1 and B1 ?

Rsync uses an algorithm which provides a very fast method for bringing remote files into sync. But it's not real time.

Does anyone has the experience about this problem? Please advise .

Rajeev  Shukla
Honored Contributor

Re: Directory sync

Software/Harware mirroring are the only terms i have come accross so far for real time data sync. But i guess its not too hard to could write a daemon in C which continuously monitors the filesystem/directory change and rsync whenever it sees any change.
A. Clay Stephenson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Directory sync

There is no built-in UNIX command for this. Synchronization at this level would be the application's responsibilty. Rsync is about as close as it gets. Now if you are concerned about safely storing data in case of a disk failure that is an entirely different question and mirror'ing the LVOL would take care of that.
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