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Disable ACPI

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Mick Ryan

Disable ACPI


I have installed a new kernel version which generates some new error messages on startup. HP have recommended I disable ACPI in GRUB.

They assure me that this won't have any impact on SIM or the ILO. However, does anyone know what the impact will be? Do I lose any kind of functionality by doing this?

The hardware on the blades concerned is stable and I won't be making any changes for the forseeable future, if that helps


Ivan Ferreira
Honored Contributor

Re: Disable ACPI

If you disable ACPI (different from APIC), you will lose the control of the energy consumption of the system, for example, the system won't be able to reduce the power consumption by disabling devices not used, or for example, the system won't power off if you run the shutdown/poweroff command, the system will stay at "system halted" and you must manually power off the system.
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