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Disaster recovery & system.krs

D. Voetelink
Occasional Advisor

Disaster recovery & system.krs

I've just been working out the disaster recovery manual for our new HP-UX Itaniums.
We use EMC/Legato Networker for backups.

I reinstall the OS and networker client software, and recover all files from backup.

I found that the iSCSI initiator name was back to default, and not from time of the backup. I also found dat it is configured in /stand/krs/system.krs. I recovered that file again, but after reboot the setting was back to default again.

This leads me to believe that the file is overwritten during shutdown or startup.

How can I get the file back from the backup? Are there any other files which I should be careful about?

Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Disaster recovery & system.krs


When you make an Ignite backup there are exception files you can set up at least in the case of a Golden image to include or exclude various files in the image.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
D. Voetelink
Occasional Advisor

Re: Disaster recovery & system.krs

We don't use Ignite, but Legato Networker.

In there you can also exclude files, but I'm more interested in restoring this file. It seems to contain the iSCSI configuration which I would like to have restored as well.