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Disk Missing


Disk Missing

Hi all,

I want to create 2 TB of space but after present the LUN its same as my count.But after create the pv,and VG its not matching with actual size.So please tell me how can i foind which disk is missed out.Its XP24K storage.

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Re: Disk Missing


Can you paste the output of the pvdisplay of the disk? Also paste a diskinfo -v.

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Steven E. Protter
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Re: Disk Missing

Shalom Michael,

Please provide the data that shows the size issue. Need to see numbers.

Try using diskinfo to check size.

Example: diskinfo /dev/rdsk/c1t1d0

Also, vgdisplay output would be helpful. You may have exceeded volume group PE distribution rules and may need to run vgmodify.

Also, on all ITRC threads do not assume we know your OS version number. If you have 11.31 you have the vgmodify command. If you have 11.23 you must install a patch for this functionality.

More data leads to faster resolution of your ITRC cases.

Steven E Protter
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Re: Disk Missing

Hi Sekhar,

I also faced the same kind of problem once. As Steven said that the cause of this issue is the exceeded the vg PE distribution rules.

After creation we can modify the vg with the vgmodify command which is available with 11i v3 but not available for 11i v1.

Mine was 11i v1, last time i have re-built my vg after the creation due to this problem.

If your OS is 11i v1 then you need to rebuilt it again.
During vg creation time you need to specify the max number of extents by using switch -e.
For more info do "man vgcreate".

Good Luck!

Prasanth V Aravind
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Re: Disk Missing

You can try

diskinfo /dev/rdsk/cntndn