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Disk Partitioning with GUI Interface

Kenneth W. Davis
Occasional Contributor

Disk Partitioning with GUI Interface

I'm running Digital UNIX 4.0D on a DEC 3000-800. I'm trying to create a new system disk using the Digital UNIX 4.0D operating system CDROM and using its GUI Utility to partition a 9 GB SCSI disk. My question is after entering the required values for the disk partitions in the GUI and pressing the COMMIT button, I see that the disk partitions graph in the GUI doesn't correctly display the new partitions that I just defined. The newly defined partitions with their correct sizes do show up after a reboot with the new disk. Is this a known problem within the GUI?
Ivan Ferreira
Honored Contributor

Re: Disk Partitioning with GUI Interface

Yes, that is normal, I think that also continues in V5, when you partition a new disk, and a file system/swap is not created on the partitions, diskconfig won't show the partitions as created. But disklabel will display the right information. Just partition your disk, commit the changes and continue.
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