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Disk Utilization is 100%

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Disk Utilization is 100%

Hi All,

we have 2 node DB cluster of "Superdome2 32s"  Oracle DB Version is installed and the OS installed is 11iV3.

connected to XP24k storage and assingned total 26.5 TB for DB.

in glance we notice that disk utilisation max as 100%.

any help appreciated.

Many Thanks


Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: Disk Utilization is 100%

This may be perfectly normal because a backup is running, or someone is running a database report. Run glance and type the o (letter o) command to sort the processes by disk usage. Then investigate the process(es) that are consuming the most disk I/O to see if they are working correctly.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
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Re: Disk Utilization is 100%

thank you so much for your reply Bill,

we don't run backup from this server, we have separate node configured for backup and separate storage assigned for it, hence there is no chance of any disk utilisation due to backup.

Re: Disk Utilization is 100%

Disk utilisation metrics are almost completely meaningless. All a disk utilisation metric of 100% is telling you is that during the measurement interval at least one of the disks on the system was doing some form of I/O for 100% of the measurement interval. It doesn't mean your disks are maxed out at all.

Do you actually have a performance issue? If not then ignore this metric.