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Disk failed

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Disk failed

Hi ,

In our XP12K array , one disk array has failed.

Due to which we have lost many Disks which belonged to database FileSystem . Now HP will be replacing those disks today.

I just want to know what procedure should I follow next after the disks are replaced. We have yesterdays data backup which we will be restoring.

So please tell me are the below steps correct.
FOr example I have /dataora1 FS whose Lun was also present in that failed array group.

After the disks are replaced.

1> vgcfgrestore -n ora1 /dev/rdsk/c29t4d0
2> vgchange -a y /dev/ora1
3> newfs -F vxfs -o largefiles -b 8192 /dev/ora1/rvol1
4> mount /dev/ora1/lvol1 /dataora1

5> Restore data

But will After the newfs command the old data in that lvol will be erased and the FS utilisation be shown as 0%.

Please confirm the steps friends.

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Re: Disk failed

The steps look ok and yes the newfs command will erase everything and set the fs back to 0%.
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Re: Disk failed

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Re: Disk failed

This is what i do,

pvchange -a N /dev/dsk/c29t4d0
vgcfgrestore -n /dev/ora1 /dev/rdsk/c29t4d0
vgchange -a y ora1
newfs ----
mount ----
Shailendran V Naidu
Frequent Advisor

Re: Disk failed

hi raiden,
If all your disks were blown off (HP disk array reliability is now questionable).

Start from Scratch:
pvcreate /dev/dsk/c29t4d0
vgexport /dev/ora1
mkdir /dev/ora1
mknod /dev/ora1/group c 64 0xXX0000
vgcreate -s XX /dev/ora1 /dev/dsk/c29t4d0
lvcreate -L XXXX -n lvol1 /dev/ora1
newfs -F vxfs -o largefiles -b 8192 /dev/ora1/rvol1
mount /dev/ora1/lvol1 /dataora1
Restore data
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Re: Disk failed

A single disk failure should not be visible on the OS at all.

If you say many disks - how many?

A newfs will create a new fs - data will be gone.

Hope this helps!

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