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Disk space problem

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Disk space problem

Hi We have HP RX 7420 HP UX Box wiht 140 GB disk it is 80% full. It showing Disk space problem. So we want to delet the core and temp file for getting free space. Please anyboby know the soln help me
Mel Burslan
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Re: Disk space problem

if you are not at all interested in what is in those core files, you can safely delete them. Make sure none of your application related files are named as cor, as the command I am going to provide below, will not and can not discriminate between a core dump and a regular file named core.

find / -name core | xargs rm

Run this command (will take a long time to go through all the disks) and you will be free of core files

or you can do this

find / -name core > /tmp/corelist

and check the corelist file's content to make sure all of them are core dumps and then you can delete them one by one or in a for loop.

Hope this helps
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Re: Disk space problem

the find / delete of the core files is a start. temp files not so much, as they could be associated w/ active processes.

"80% full - showing disk problem"
not very informative, and depending on what filesystems are actually on the disk in question may not be an issue.

You've said how you want to fix the problem, but never described the problem. For example, look for "tar" files in dev directory, as a common problem is to typo the tar command, creating a regular file of some size in /dev.

perhaps the output of "bdf" would be useful, along with a description of the issue you are seeing (as opposed to "how do implement my fix") would help
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Re: Disk space problem

Hi Princy,

you have just told that you have 140GB of disk and facing disk space problem, but which FS is facing space problem. How your disk is divided into FS. it it /var you are talking about. Can you paste the bdf output.