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Disks in System Management Homepage

Lovro VRES

Disks in System Management Homepage


I would like to ask, why I can't see any disk in my HP-UX systems?

I have one rx2660 machine with P400 controller. I can see P400 under RAIDSA HBA. When I click on it, I can only see Controller. I can't see connected disks neither P400 Serial number. Is it possible to get more information.

When I click on disks under Storage, I got an error message CIM_ERR_NOT_FOUND: Information on direct attached disks could not be retrieved.The provider will not report or monitor any disks. I can't see physical nor logical drive.
What should I do, to get more information through SMH. I can get all needed information through sautil command.

Is there any idea?

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Re: Disks in System Management Homepage

Most tools like ioscan cannot see physical disks, only saconfig/sautil can.

For the cimserver problem - you probably need to install some missing providers.

Hope this helps!

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Steven E. Protter
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Re: Disks in System Management Homepage


Something to understand.

If you configure two disks as a raid 1 device in your P400 controller, and then present them to the system, your system sees only one disk.

I would do this:

ioscan -fnC disk

Take a look at the system management page and see if you can match what your system sees to what is there.

It is possible the system management home page softwaare needs to be restarted, or the initial configuration was wrong.

Steven E Protter
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Lovro VRES

Re: Disks in System Management Homepage


I know that the system will see only logical drives (ie. ioscan), but the problem is that SMH show an error when I click on Disks under Storage Section on the first page and I don't know to solve the problem.

Torsten, you mentioned that some proveder is missing. Which provider can be missed and how to install it.
I use command swlist -l product | grep -i provider and ther is the result:
KERNEL-PROVIDERS C.03.00.03 HPUX Kernel Providers
NParProvider B. nPartition Provider
RAIDSA-PROVIDER B.11.31.0809 Smart Array Provider product
SAS-PROVIDER B.11.31.0809 Serial SCSI provider product
SCSI-Provider B.11.31.0809 CIM/WBEM Provider for SCSI HBA
VParProvider B. vPar Provider
VRTSddlpr b5.0.31.0 Veritas Device Discovery Layer Services Provider by Symantec
VRTSfspro Veritas File System Management Services Provider by Symantec
VRTSvmpro Veritas Volume Manager Management Services Provider by Symantec
WBEMP-FCP B.11.31.0809 FC Provider - CIM/WBEM Provider for Fibre Channel HBAs
WBEMP-FS B.11.31 HP-UX File System CIM Provider.
WBEMP-IOTreeIP B.11.31.0809 CIM/WBEM Indication and Consolidated Status Provider for IOTree subsystem
WBEMP-LAN B.11.31.0809 LAN Providers - CIM/WBEM Providers for Ethernet interfaces.
olosProvider B.01.02.01 OLOS Provider
utilProvider A. Utilization Provider
vmProvider B.04.00 WBEM Provider for Integrity VM vmProvider

As I mentioned in my original question, I can see all information about disks through sautil or saconfig commands, but I'm interested in seeing those information also in SMH like I cane see physical and logical disks on Proliant servers.