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Does Oracle ASM manage files dynamicly or staticly?

Randy Hagedorn
Regular Advisor

Does Oracle ASM manage files dynamicly or staticly?


We are in the intitial phases of planning the migration of Servicegurard to Oracle ASM and Clusterware. Our use of Servicegurard is in the form of a simple 2-node cluster failover system. When a package is moved from one server to the other, the LUN's are node independent and move from one system to the other and all is good.

In our transition to ASM and Clusterware, it seems that we would need to have ASM running with Serviceguard for a while, until Clusterware is fully configured.

ASM creates one +ASM instance on each node to manage files on that node, right?

When an Oracle instance is started it trys to attach to the ASM instance on that node, right?

In the event of a Serviceguard failover. Can an Oracle database instance attach to any node's ASM instance, no matter which node the database is currently running on and still know the location of the datafiles, etc.?