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Does ProFTPD work on 11.31

Mark Fisher_4
Frequent Advisor

Does ProFTPD work on 11.31

I installed ixProFTPD on hpux 11.31. THe version is A.15.00- I am unable to connect to the server using SSL/TLS. When I ftp to this server is just establishes a normal ftp connection and I never get the message that it connected with SSL/TLS.

I have installed and used this on hpux 11.23 for 5 years with no problems. After debugging the configuration file I discovered that the software does not recognize any of the entries for TLS.

Here is the error message I get when starting ProFTPD:

root@omzdem1://sbin/init.d/proftpd start
- Fatal: unknown configuration directive 'TLSEngine' on line 9 of '/opt/iexpress/proftpd/etc/proftpd.conf'

It does not even recognize the
TLSEngine on
directive in the config file.

I then copied over the image file from and 11.32 server. The file is:


And I was able to sucessfully start the ProFTPD server and establish a session with SSL/TLS.

So it appears that the software that was compiled for ProFTPD from the hpux 11.31 Internet Express DVD DOES NOT have SSL/TLS support. It appears the compiled it incorrectly without this support.

Is there a good version from the hpux 11.31 Internet Express DVD's that contains SSL/TLS support?

Thanks in advance...

Re: Does ProFTPD work on 11.31

Hello Mark,
How about considering acquiring a copy from the ProFTPD project home. The latest release dates October 29th 2010.

The source can be obtained from: